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Workshop: Intro to Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism Geneva, 24. März, 10:0018:00


Thinking about what to do with your life? Want to contribute to a better future?

Our workshop lets you discover the challenges of world-improvement and will give you ideas on how to contribute effectively.

We will cover:
– Tools, concepts and methods to do more good
– The psychology and philosophy of doing good
– Open opportunities to do the most good you can

Over the course of one day, we will work through and discuss a variety of issues related to trade-offs, crucial considerations and prioritisation in a complex world with limited resources.

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Effective Altruism is a toolkit for impact, collectively developed by a growing community of dedicated individuals. Our focus lies in identifying the big and neglected problems of our time. If a problem is solvable, we promote effective solutions to it. If an issue seems unsolvable, we seek to understand why. Sometimes, it is impossible to advance, but sometimes, it only takes more people who conduct research to develop better solutions.

The problem with systematically doing good is that our minds did not evolve to improve the world. This workshop ranges from actionable career advice to tools for clearer thinking, to reflections on the long-term future of our civilisation. It will help you find your way into a network of people and organisations who are serious about creating a better tomorrow.


24. März
10:00 – 18:00

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